Wednesday, August 26, 2009

CSI: Chicago Season 2 Begins 9/7/09

Welcome back future forensic science professionals!

As we put down our respective volleyballs and beach towels (In my case a Pina Colada...) and head back to Kennedy for another year of thrills, spills, and general mayhem, know that this year will be awesome. Season 1 (2008-2009) set the tone for this class as one of the most interesting and useful science courses to take in High School. In short, they were a group with a lot of personality and flare. I expect the next this next group to be just as "rock star" as the last one, if not more. So, let me lay it out for you. Nothing like being very clear from the beginning...

We have the following goals for this year (2009-2010):

1) Set up at least ONE full scale crime scene reconstruction. (This one burns me from last year...We didn't get it done, so you guys need to fix it.)

2) Explore at LEAST one cold case a month. Knowing the history of crime is essential to preventing it for the future.

3) Make the ACT scores go upward. One a week, you can expect some form of ACT practice.

4) Do professional quality learning. We need to be on task EVERY DAY, not just in between social events and holidays. This will be work, make NO MISTAKE.

5) Have a great time learning science!

There will be more as the time rolls closer.


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